As a psychiatrist and the head of IPC (Israeli People's Committee) and after gaining some experience and understanding about the nature of 2020-2021 drama I would like to share my insights about ways to survive these times and even to gain opportunities to grow and create a better life from it, eventually

Insight 1: This is a war and you are under attck at this very moment
Awareness is always no. 1 tool to handle a situation wheras ignorance and denial may be your worst limitation. It is hard to realize that authorities, in which you have used to rely on, are currently engaging in a campaign that may harm you and is based on sophisticated psychological manipulations. Realizing this is may be very hard and may feel like an unbearable loss. But it is time for survival now, so first learn to stay safe and later we'll deal with the mourning process

Insight 2: Those who surrendered are not your enemies
Many people you used to love and value may haven't realized they are under attack Worse — they are usually subjected to Cognitive Disonnance and may do all they can to justify their consent to participate in this experiment despite all warning signs. Do not get to endless arguments with them. You won't convince them and your job now is to love them and to understand they are now in a weak position

Insight 3: Invest more energy in making new allies
You are under a powerful attack by authorities. Therefore you must find people like you and create group or community so you don't need to cope with this alone. This is far more important and effective than trying to convince people who are not ready to realize this puzzling reality. Make new friends, choose new leaders if you find those who are brave and are speaking a clear language that is based on compassion and freedom

Insight 4: Fight back through civilian legitimate outlets
This war is mainly in the psychological field. The main enemy's goal is to induce massive obedience. The more you express your criticism, anger and disagreement to these attempts to take over your's and other's freedom the stronger you get. Use all social media to manifest your true opinion and this way you will also empower your allies who need to witness all kinds of resistance to this ongoing threat. Join rallies and protests as much as you can, donate to organizations that do the right work, hand people with flyers and all possible information. Do not forget, you are now a "soldier" in a unique battle field and the most important thing is that you never stop resisting all attemots to steel your freedom and ability to choose what is really good for you

Insight 5: This may take a long time
Your oponent planned this attack far before you even thought this option will ever occur. Nowadays many systems stop functioning as they should and are breaking down even if it doesn't seem so. It will take us time to learn how to overcome this chaos and to reach a state of making justice and mending. So take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a journy you never experienced. In time you will learn how to manage yourself in this chaos and to make an impact on it. But this can happen only when you fully realize the situation ready to walk this long path of a big change in our society

Insight 6: Improve the relationship with you and seek for new ways for self-healing
Your main strength comes from within you. You need the most self-loving, self-supporting and self-encouraging atmosphere inside you so you can better your shield against the current attack and prepare yourself for major personal changes that will follow your struggle and your new insights about yourself, your life, your role in society etc. All activities and tools that promote your self-healing may be the best "remedies" you may want to "consume" these days